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     Welcome! If you found your way to this page, it means that the Universe has aligned our paths and vibrations. I'm Victoria Pekhnik, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Master Reiki practitioner. I am passionate about alleviate suffering from our planet and bringing more light, joy and peace into the world.

     In my work, I embrace a Holistic and integrated approach, which includes evidence-based psychotherapy based on neurobiology, supported by mindfulness and energy work. This approach is proven to treat complex, developmental and acute trauma. I use Internal Family System (parts and inner child work), Trauma and Attachment Theory, EMDR (eye desensitization movement), EFT (tapping), Reiki, Psychosomatic theory of movement and breath, as well as self-care techniques and psychoeducation. 

The most important question is not 'what is wrong with you?" but comes from a deep compassionate inquiry of "what happened to you?"

My goal is to help you heal your past so you can fully embrace your present and become in charge of your future. I want to help you re-write your Trauma Story into My Healing Journey. Together we will turn your burdens and triggers into your gifts and glimmers. I truly believe that our vulnerabilities are seeds of strength and wisdom.

     Let's take that Journey and walk Home together!

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